New pictures on NPL June 2014

New pictures on Nature Photographers

June 2014

June had a rare bird theme to it with the new images that were lodged with the Nature Photographers library.

Without question top of the pile was the addition of Terek Sandpiper, but other rarities such as Great Reed Warbler, Great Snipe, Penduline Tit and Icterine Warbler also made an appearance with some fantastic pictures. Reed Bunting and Whinchat in flight were just two of the more common species that also feature in last months new images.

In addition to the birds, the dragonfly season really started to get underway and a fantastic emergence sequence of Four-spotted Chaser is now available. Large Red Damselfly and Blue-tailed Damselfly images were also added.

Take a look at all the new images on the Nature Photographers website by clicking here.

If you don’t already have a Nature Photographers account, why not sign up for one here.


Four-spotted Chaser - Libellula quadrimaculata

Four-spotted Chaser – Libellula quadrimaculata

Penduline Tit - Remiz pendulinus

Penduline Tit – Remiz pendulinus

Reed Bunting - Emberiza schoeniclus

Reed Bunting – Emberiza schoeniclus

Large Red Damselfly - Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Large Red Damselfly – Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Terek Sandpiper - Xenus cinereus

Terek Sandpiper – Xenus cinereus


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