Spring birding in Belarus

As part of a project that Nature Photographers is working on with the
British Trust for Ornithology, we visited Belarus earlier in the spring. The
aim was to obtain images of birds that are hard to get to grips with in
western Europe. Target species included Aquatic and River warblers, Terek
Sandpiper and Great Snipe; with help from the BTO and APB (the Belarus
Birdlife International partner) we succeeded in photographing all these

Generally speaking, Belarus is overlooked as a destination for wildlife
enthusiasts and photographers. But it has much to commend it. The wetlands
are particularly rich in wildlife and we came across extraordinary densities
of breeding warblers (Marsh Warbler was particularly common) and waders too.
In addition, flava wagtails were abundant, Corncrakes were common and Azure
Tit was passerine icing on the cake.

River Warbler - Locustella fluviatilis

River Warbler – Locustella fluviatilis

Aquatic Warbler - Acrocephalus paludicola

Aquatic Warbler – Acrocephalus paludicola

Terek Sandpiper - Xenus cinereus

Terek Sandpiper – Xenus cinereus

Icterine Warbler - Hippolais icterina

Icterine Warbler – Hippolais icterina

Corn Crake - Crex crex

Corn Crake – Crex crex

Azure Tit - Cyanistes cyanus

Azure Tit – Cyanistes cyanus


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